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 The best way to mix colors of light Eyelids

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PostSubject: The best way to mix colors of light Eyelids   Tue Sep 02, 2008 9:31 am

To devise a special makeup for your eyes must know basic information about the consistency of colors and grades in line together and gives you a wonderful makeup of your eyes.

. If you want a light violet color Ajafon prefer merging ultraviolet light and color degrees and Ford with red cheeks pink and violet light or dark of the lips.

. If the green light Eyelids vibrant prefer merging with varying green and golden brown, orange, sometimes yellow. . The mix gives the green blue eye wider.

. For Cheeks used powder Cheeks painted orange light and you can put lipstick and golden orange stairs and Beige.

. If placed under Ajafon black You can mixes orange or red Cheeks painted with red and orange light orange or red lips must or golden or red.

. If the color of light brown Eyelids prefer merging with or golden color Beige or orange or bronze with orange or red cheeks and lips choose Beige Beige or bronze or orange light.
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The best way to mix colors of light Eyelids
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