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 Makeup fits the spring and summer

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PostSubject: Makeup fits the spring and summer   Tue Sep 02, 2008 9:24 am

The artist Eduardo Ferreira in the global cosmetics, makeup fits the modus operandi of the spring and summer using a makeup BOOBI BRWON comment and Eduardo who works with a group BOOBI BRWON to produce beautiful and the most elevated forms of makeup that are appropriate to each season and says' that a group BOOBI BRWON is not just cosmetics products, but And the way they see the world, and its products merely the result of the philosophy of 'first step: Hydration
In this step used Eduardo moist cream from a BOOBI BRWON for moisturizing skin, characterized with its constituent of olive oil extracts for soft skin.

Eduardo says' must be every woman possesses a variety of cosmetic products that are suitable for moisturizing her skin and nature 'second step: repair defects

. Registry used finger or corrected or brush to develop a product repaired shortcomings under the eye, and under Eyelid lower corner of the eye so that the internal eye gently refer you to mix and distribution of medication, used Adorardo powder painted Beige products BOOBI BRWON. . He says Eduardo 'guaranteed use of powder creams corrected the defects distributed gently and easily and thus the most comprehensive coverage and gives a normal addition to containing vitamin A and E which are working on the freshness of the epidermis. The third step: cream base

Eduardo comment 'put many women Karim basis does not fit her skin, at a time when the cream base reflects a second layer of skin must be painted yellow and can not be painted in pink

BOOBI BRWON . Eduardo uses cream basis of a set BOOBI BRWON specifically designed to give better coverage and manifestation, only status as a full or parts that desire to cover and gently shows. المسحوق (البودرة) ) BOOBI BRWON SHEER FINISH . Step four: powder (powder) used (powder) loose powder to install cream base and corrected mistakes and thus have received a fine and beautiful color, preferably using Brush to put the powder and uses Eduardo powder (Bo Dora) BOOBI BRWON SHEER FINISH bulk and describes as a global powder Tune with the beauty of any skin type.
: BOOBI BRWON . Step five: Eduardo cheeks product used for makeup cheeks of a bright colour BOOBI BRWON Youzhny going soft on the borders of hair and then to Asfielltenaim and mixing colors to each other.

Step VI: red lips and Mlma

lip crayon من BOOBI BRWON . For identification of natural lips and avoid Halo may appear around Eduardo advised to use a red lip crayon lips of BOOBI BRWON characterized by synthetic can never disappear, which gives a sense of Karimi and soft color lasts all day and end Eduardo setting Mlma lips of the same group painted in pink .

: Seventh step: the shadows Eyelids

. Eduardo used at this stage Ajafon shade of color pink for the simple appearance of fine during the day putting Eyelids main color on the way to the bottom of the eyebrows, puts an average degree of the same colour top lashes and up to the corner Eyelid.

may be u will find some wrong words
translated to english by janettranny22
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Makeup fits the spring and summer
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