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 Two Girl Adventure

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PostSubject: Two Girl Adventure   Tue Dec 15, 2009 1:42 pm

It was a dark night
as I strolled into the main street bar. I was 21, had been having hard
luck with the ladies, and was looking to drown my sorrows in a couple
brews. That's when I saw her. She was simply a knockout. She was about
5'8", blonde hair, blue eyes, and a smoking body. She was wearing
a tight white belly shirt and low hip hugging jeans.

I watched her play
pool and talk to people for a few minutes before I decided to make my
move. I approached her as she was standing around holding a pool cue and
asked if she would like to play me. She agreed and we began playing. We
flirted and had a great conversation, and she killed me but oh well. I
just enjoyed watching her bend over to make her difficult shots. She told
me her name was Vanity and she asked me to have a drink with her. We had
a few beers and talked for about an hour or so and she asked me if I'd
like to come back to her place. As she got into my car she stumbled and
I looked held her gaze for what seemed like an hour. I decided it was
now or never and leaned in and gave her a kiss. We started to kiss passionately
and she soon slipped me the tongue. She was a great kisser and I was shocked
when she started to rub my growing erection in my pants. Suddenly she
stopped, and so did my heart. She said that she had a wild idea and asked
me if I was up for it. I replied of course and she asked me that if she
could get one of her friends to come back to her place as well if I would
be game. I replied hell yes and she used my cell phone to call Nikki who
said she would meet us there in 15 minutes.

We arrived at Vanity's
and just had a seat on the couch when Nikki showed up. Wow, Nikki was
dead sexy as well. She was wearing a pink low cut top and and a short
skirt. She was a brunette with another smoking body. I couldn't believe
my luck, I was sitting in a woman's house with two dead sexy women all
alone. I was getting nervous as they talked out by the door as I just
sat on the couch and watched TV. They soon came walking over and I stood
up to greet them and asked what they had in mind. They both laughed and
Vanity said "well what do you think we brought you here for"?
And leaned in and started kissing me aggressively, Nikki moved in and
put her arm around me. I pulled away from Vanity for a moment, and Nikki
began attacking my mouth as well. They soon began to feel my chest and
quickly took my shirt off. As i continued to make out with Nikki, Vanity
began to play with my nipples.

I took off Nikki's
top and her tits were about to bust out of her top. I began to caress
them as I unhooked her bra. Vanity had her hand down my pants and was
feeling my rock hard cock. She stood back up and removed her top and bra.
I began to caress her breast while I took Nikki's nipple in my mouth.
I soon moved on and slid to my knees and unbuttoned Vanity's jeans and
slid them off the reveal a sexy red lace thong. Nikki took off her skirt
to reveal a thin black one as well. I was so turned on and ready to get
some pussy. I saw a slight bulge in both of their panties but figured
they both just had big cunt lips. I went to rub them both at the same
time through the material, but what my hand rested upon was no pussy!
I felt two growing hard cocks and looked up in shock.

I was a completely
straight guy and had never felt another cock before. They asked me what
was wrong and i said "nothing", as I pondered what to do next.
They were so beautiful I had no clue they could possibly be a shemale.
I thought what the hell, you might like it, and decided to take off both
their thongs and have a look. They were both well hung and a cock looked
so bizarre on these sexy women. I took them both in my hand as they encouraged
me on.

A cock felt so weird
in my hand but it strangely turned me on. They were about to full size
and Vanity was about 7 inches I'd say and Nikki was at least 8.5. It was
huge. I took Vanity's cock in my mouth and nearly gagged but began sucking
as I stroked Nikki off. I switched back and forth devouring both cocks
until they both were about to cum. Then I paused not quite sure what to
do next. They had me sit down on the couch and Nikki began kissing me
as Vanity took my hard cock in her mouth and began sucking away. After
awhile she took it in her hand and began to suck my balls and began licking
the area between my legs.

She came back almost
to my ass, and then stuck 2 fingers in my mouth and I gave them a nice
suck and she quickly took them out and inserted them in my ass. I was
shocked but it strangely felt good. She began to finger me as she continued
sucking my cock. Nikki began wanking in my face and I took her huge dick
in my mouth again and sucked it off as Vanity blew me. Vanity pulled me
up and forced me to bend over as I continued to blow Nikki. Vanity then
walked around behind me and paused for a moment.

Then I felt a hard
cock beginning to rub against my asshole. She slid it in and the initial
pain soon turned to pleasure as I begged for more. We got up and I began
fucking Vanity from behind and Nikki stuck her 8.5 in thick cock in my
tight ass. It almost ripped me apart but it felt so good. Before she could
cum though, they sat me up and began wanking their hard pricks off right
in my face. I jacked off as I
gazed at their meat. They both began to moan and soon shot their huge
loads all over my face. I'd never tasted cum before but I began licking
it up and it tasted great. The sight of their cocks soon made me blow
my load all over my stomach.

I had been used and
abused by two "girls" and I had liked it.
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Two Girl Adventure
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