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 Having trouble on your computer and cant figure out why???

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PostSubject: Having trouble on your computer and cant figure out why???   Sun Nov 29, 2009 7:17 pm

I am assuming that you have spyware or trojans on your computer. I
highly recommend that everyone check their computer once a week for
this malware. Here are the tools that I use and they work great.

Spyware Search & Destroy - 100% Freeware

NOD32 Antivirus = 30 day trial $39.99 to buy

should always protect your computer from spyware and viruses... Don't
download programs to view porn... there is a trojan virus being
distributed by alot of foreign porn websites that tells you that you
need to download and install a codec to view their videos... it's a
trojan... don't install it. If you use FireFox to browse the web it's
alot easier to avoid having trojans automatically installed. Internet
Explorer is very insecure and sometimes it will install a trojans
without you even knowing it. Another benefit of using FireFox is that
when you go to a website that has been reported as an attack site... it
won't let you go to it.

There are various other programs that
install trojans or malware (spyware or worse) on your computer... these
are HotBar, SeekMo, Zango, HBTools, etc. The company that distributes
this garbage has been sued by the government multiple times for
distributing spyware. Don't install it... if you do have it installed
you can use the methods described at

last note... don't install just any spyware removal tool... believe it
or not, alot of these spyware companies have released "Spyware Removal"
tools that will remove their competitors spyware and install their
own... AdAware, HijackThis and Spyware Search and Destroy are the only
ones I recommend.
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Having trouble on your computer and cant figure out why???
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