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 File Hosting and Sharing Sites for hosting pics

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PostSubject: File Hosting and Sharing Sites for hosting pics   Sun Nov 29, 2009 6:57 pm

250 MB limit, no waiting time, you can even hotlink.
When I started using it, the download speed were almost 8Mbit/s.
Now they are having network problems, but are working on it.....they say.
It's google like, but in Danish Sad
No limits, except CP (of course) and copyrighted material.

Rapidshare :RapidShare: 1-Click Webhosting
Can upload files at 100 MB and gets a download link but can have larger files for Premium Accounts. There is also hourly download limits.

Megaupload :MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
Good for big files but has a waiting period to download the next file and that takes a while depending on the file size.

Sendspace :Send big files the easy way. Files too large for email attachments? No problem!
Itís a good service especially with no waiting time between downloads.

Yousendit :YouSendIt - Send large files - transfer delivery - FTP Replacement
Good for file uploading but only lasts 7 days regardless of activity.

FileFront :Game Downloads, Game Patches -
Can upload unlimited amount of files up to 1 GB per file, a positive.

Egoshare :Egoshare- your Data Recovery Solution
No download limit and registration is optional. Itís perfect for back-up data.

Depositfiles :Deposit Files
Can download but has a waiting period and a new window opens but no download limit.

Filefactory :FileFactory - free file hosting
Pretty decent but required to register to upload files.

Megaerotic :
Itís good for big files mainly for adult content, a clone of Megaupload.

Content-Type :Single File free file sharing & hosting
You can upload with no account but only up to 100 MB so unless itís a file smaller than that, do not use at all.

Easysharing :Free File Hosting. Upload your files and make money.
Can upload files but only one at a time. Should be used only for small files.

Upitus -- Free, fast and secure file hosting!
No registration required and can have anything except MP3s uploaded but only up to 80 MB.

Oxyshare :
Web site is sometimes inaccessible and not worth going to due to that.

Rapidupload : No registration required to upload items but can only go up to 300 MB.

SharedZilla : No registration required but sometimes the site does go down to their Hard Drive but not that often.

SaveFile : Can upload files but only up to 60 MB of space. In short, use for small files.

Up-File : Files can be up to 1 GB of space and can be uploaded without being registered. For large files, this would be something to use based upon that. The file will last for a long time.

GigaSize : Says you can upload/download 1 GB file though I have not tested it.

Sharebig : Doesnít need registration and uploads quickly, files must be no larger than 350 MB.
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File Hosting and Sharing Sites for hosting pics
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